Golden Crown

Battle of the Books – The Golden Crown versus 100 Years of Mining reviewed by Kathy Munro and posted on the website of The Heritage Portal and well worth reading.

“Crown Mines founded in 1909, was in its day a fabulously rich mine: it produced 80 tons of gold, but by the 1950s its reserves had been depleted so Von Ketelhodt relates how he searched for the original mining plans of the 1890s (located in the Johannesburg Public Library) to extend exploration and keep Crown Mines going. Crown Mines, the jewel in the Witwatersrand mining crown finally closed in 1976. The most interesting chapter of the book is the one on the efforts made to extend the life of the mine by re-opening old shafts, remining old stopes, reclaiming  old areas and reverting to primitive mining in outcrops”. 

Published by Graham Giles

Cape History and history of families of Louw, Muller, Bowker, Giles

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