Zonderwater – Peter Spargo

One of our most distinguished members has written a fascinating article first published on the Heritage Portal and which is referred to here with his permission and that of the Heritage Portal as well.  It is well worth reading the complete article.  Zonderwater – Almost certainly the largest Allied POW camp in the world – Peter Spargo

“The Spargo’s are an ancient and, according to the available historical record anyway, honourable Cornish family. However, they have been more notable for their commitment to the arts of peace than those of war and it therefore came as a surprise to me to discover many years later that as a young man my father had served as a volunteer in No. 2 Company, South African Medical Corps. This unit formed part of the Active Citizen Force (ACF), a form of volunteer peacetime army established by the South African Defence Act of 1912. Further enquiries, however, revealed that in those years the family, like numerous others, was so impoverished by the economic problems of the times that the lure of several weeks of free ‘holiday’ per year at Potchefstroom Military Camp as a member of the ACF was a major factor in his enlistment!”


Published by Graham Giles

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