Association copies: what are they?

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When an author places their signature in a book then it is described as signed. When there is a message attached to that signature then it is described as inscribed. However, if the person receiving the inscription happens to be famous or important in some way then that book is described as an association copy.

A book that has been owned by someone of significance is also classified as an association copy but this feature concentrates on association copies where there is an inscription from one person of significance to another person of interest.

An association copy can be anything from Eudora Welty dedicating a book to her editor in thanks for a job well done to T.S. Eliot giving a presentation copy to his sister on the day of publication.

Rare book collectors are fascinated by association copies because of their rarity. These books also shed light on cultural and literary relationships ranging from publishers to other writers and public figures.

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