Association copies: what are they?

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When an author places their signature in a book then it is described as signed. When there is a message attached to that signature then it is described as inscribed. However, if the person receiving the inscription happens to be famous or important in some way then that book is described as an association copy. Continue reading “Association copies: what are they?”

Walking into Words: Jane Austen and Other Writers – 1 Feb 2014

 ‘Walking into Words: Jane Austen and Other Writers’

Talk given to The Society of Bibliophiles in Cape Town on 1 February 2014 at Constantia Place.  Here are references to some of the authors and books referred to in the talk.

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Rhodes’ Library at Groote Schuur

Annette van den Heever – Philobiblon issue No.10 of January 1994

The cataloguing of a private library has an aura of adventure and excitement of discovery which is missing from the cataloguing of books in the ordinary lending or University Libraries.   It was, therefore, with a feeling of expectation, albeit mixed  with trepidation, that I started the cataloguing of the Library of Cecil John Rhodes at Groote Schuur during 1972.

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Votes & Views -19 – The Enigmatic Ornithologist

Let’s face it, among billions of very ordinary people, most of average intelligence and abilities, there is always a scattering of truly extraordinary folk, people gifted with one or more talents that tower so far above their contemporaries, that they become legends.

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The Society of Bibliophiles in Cape Town – early days


Brief review of the early days by Frikkie Botha

compiled in 1995 with some updating since then – June 2010


The idea of some organisation for book-lovers arose with a few like-minded friends in Cape Town in 1989.   Some were already members of the Association of Friends of the South African Library as well as active volunteer supporters of that historic institution, then still independent but now the Cape Town Campus of the National Library of South Africa.   The Library was fortunate in having a succession of enthusiastic bibliophiles at its head and on its staff and had attracted many beneficiaries in its 180 year old history.   Continue reading “The Society of Bibliophiles in Cape Town – early days”


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